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Jeff Rady with pedal steel

ZOOM Classes

Looking for classes on how to play pedal steel or guitar?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Jeff has a variety of classes to fit your skill level and interest.

Join a virtual class with Jeff on ZOOM or join his in-person ensembles by completing the form below!


Monday Night In-Person Ensembles (September 14th to November 2nd) @ The Band Cave 5929 E 38th Ave Denver, CO 80207

6:00-7:30 p.m MST Metamodern Country Ensemble: Genuine Country. Authentic Rock n' Roll. Sincere songwriting. Today's "Meta-Modern" country artists like Margot Price, Jason Isbell, and Sturgill Simpson hearken back to a time when the delineation between rock and country was less defined and more importantly didn't matter. Study the songs, riffs, and content of today's trailblazers as well as their classic country heroes.

Currently looking for bassist, singer, and singer/instrumentalist. 6 People Limit. Mask Required. Singers must bring their own mic and sing with mask on at all times. Temperature checks required.

7:30-9:00 p.m MST Classic Rock Ensemble: Learn the riffs, parts, and licks to some of your favorite classic rock jams of all time. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Guess Who, Stones, Beatles, We do it all! You can choose to play solos or just hang back and play rhythm.

Currently looking for bassist.6 People Limit. Mask Required. Singers must bring their own mic and sing with mask on at all times. Temperature checks required.

Tuesday Night Classes (September 15 to November 3rd) 8 Week Course

6 p.m MST - Fingerstyle 4 TRL (total request live): For this class submit the tunes you want to learn, I'll choose 3 of your submitted selections and I'll tab them out and teach them! A continuation class that teaches you more challenging travis picking combined with melody, open tuning repertoire, and more classical finger-style. Prerequisite: Must have taken Fingerstyle 1 or 2 or equivalent knowledge such as multiple Travis Picking Patterns, 4 finger-style, and Travis Picking with melody. Things needed: A capo.

7 p.m MST- Electric Guitar Blues Soloing: For this class I will present a panoply of blues techniques; bends, scales, common licks. We will also look at palatable solos from legends like Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Bloomfield and more! Prerequisite: Must have an electric guitar and have taken theory 1 or 2 or equivalent knowledge.

Wednesday Night Classes (September 30th - November 3rd) 6 Week Course

6 p.m MST - Guitar 1A: For the beginning guitarist! You'll learn the fundamentals of the guitar, basic major and minor chords. You'll also learn how to strum, tune, and read tablature. Repertoire ranges from Bob Dylan, The Beates, Jimmy Eat World, and more! Mature and motivated kids are welcome to sign up as well (age range 10-18) Prerequisite: Must have an acoustic guitar, snark tuner, and a pick.

7 p.m MST - Finder-Style 1: An intro finger-style class that teaches you the fundamentals of travis picking, classical finger-style and more. Repertoire includes Bob Dylan, Miss. John Hurt, Townes Van Zandt and more! Pre-Requisite: Must have a working knowledge of open position chords, basic rhythms, and know how to read tab. Things needed: A capo.

8 p.m MST - Pedal Steel 1A: Just bought a pedal steel? A beginners course that will teach you how to approach the instrument with fundamentals like; grips, chords, string and pedal functions, as well as how to tune and how to hold your picks and bar. It's recommended to have a pedal steel, volume pedal, amp, picks and bar but not required. Those who are unsure of the instrument and are not ready to commit but want to know more can take this course.

*All courses are recorded for you to view at a later time
*No refunds


$235 for Ensembles.

$120 for 8 week course.

$90 for 6 week course.

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