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Box Full Of Letters - Wilco


An early Wilco alt. country, roots rock classic! In this acoustic guitar lesson we are shown some cool alternate picking patterns, creative ways to use hammer-ons and pull offs in a simple chord progression, unique chord voicings combined with melodies over a G chord on the high strings, and some rhythmic moves, and chord voicing a la Keith Richards.

danzance on 2019-11-03
Funny, a couple of times I’ve been picking to other songs and I’ve accidentally started playing what could almost be something like the intro to this little beauty! But ive been reticent to try to learn it and then you drop a tutorial! Now I’ve got no excuse to try and learn it... great playing on this one pal btw! Love your vids and your tutorials thanks from Penzance
wsurfn1426 on 2020-05-27
Excellent transcription. I agree, more Jay Bennett Wilco tunes