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A Minor Pentatonic Sliding Scale


A quick breakdown on one of the most used minor pentatonic shapes for guitar and how to use the sliding portions of the scale.

dadamoli on 2017-05-02
The sliding scale on here is different than the way we learned in class ... But I mainly wanted to hear the 12 bar blues and maybe hear a way to end it instead of just going on and on... I love to practice with these videos !! I learn much faster when I do !!
Jeff Rady on 2017-05-03
Hi Debbie, Yep, you're right that is a different way then we did it in class. My apologies, I need to do this video over again and make it more consistent with what we do in class. There is an example of the 12 bar blues in the Video Lessons section part of the Journeyman category. Or you can just type in 12 bar Blues in A in the Search bar. I also need to include those 2 lessons together. Thanks for keeping me honest, this feedback helps a lot, I never would have caught this without your comment. Much Appreciated, Jeff Rady