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Don't Take It Too Bad - Townes Van Zandt


A classic Townes' flat picking waltz in the key of C. Offers some melodic hammer on melodies, plus some interesting strum and chord variations.

vince1970 on 2021-12-21
I love Townes but will there be a tab for this lesson?
Jeff Rady on 2021-12-21
Sorry, forgot to upload it! It's there now. Thanks for letting me know!
folkhero on 2021-12-26
Thanks Jeff! Great addition. This was my first waltz to learn. Tough but also a lot of fun. I had to work hard to get the timing of strumming in sync with lyrics. Helped to play through with simple down strokes on 1-2-3…4-5-6 to the lyrics to get it down before going back and adding the detailed strum patterns and melody.
Jeff Rady on 2021-12-31
Folkhero, I think that's a good approach, either strum simply and sing it, or play it verbatim and don't sing. Practice that way for awhile until it comes together. Glad you enjoyed it! JR