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Dead Flowers - Townes Van Zandt


A characteristic Townes fingerstyle arrangement featuring all his coolest finger-style licks out of C F and G chord shapes. From the album: Road Songs

davey52 on 2019-01-07
awesome-keep them coming-guy and townes-thats talent,thx for bringing these great artists into reach for us Saturday pickers-keep up the good work-homegrown tomatoes would be a good one to thx dave
Jeff Rady on 2019-01-13
Thanks Davey! Really appreciate it, I'll keep that in mind! Jeff
folkhero on 2019-01-19
Jeff, measure 27 is slightly different in video than tab version. Video is a little easier, same count as measure 11. It doesn’t matter really but I am having trouble getting to sleep at night not knowing which one is right. We are all about perfection at RadyGuide...
Jeff Rady on 2019-01-20
folkhero, it's the same as measure 11, measure 27 except grabbing both strings two and three on the F shape. Otherwise this is a typo in the tab that I forgot to change. Sorry for the confusion! Glad you're digging the video! Pick on! Jeff R.
jasonwaits on 2019-01-29
that killer solo would be amazig.its almost the best part of the song,maybe a part 2 dead flowers,maybe?