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Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones


This old Rolling Stones chestnut is a great rhythm guitar conditioning for working on the Bm chord transitioning to different chords on beat 4 of the same measure, and solidifying our open position chords. Skills Learned: Chord transitions between G Am Bm C C add9 D F over a B DU DD DUDU strum pattern, split measures, quick transitions.

guitarmario on 2017-05-17
So much easier to play in time with you, seeing you strum while following along is so helpful. digging the tab too. M
Jeff Rady on 2017-05-17
Thanks Mario! Check out my other Stones stuff, there is plenty more in the Rock and Roll Section! Not too mention my ill advised edition of The Rolling Stones, "2000 Man" in The Fingerstyle section. Rady Guide's longest and least watched two part video! Ha ha!