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Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones elegy to the darkness give us some solid strum techniques in playing on the up-beat, not to mentions some interesting ways to play a haunting melodic minor across one or two strings. Skills Learned: Chord transitions between Dm A C G F over an all upbeat strum and D D DU DU strum in the chorus, Melodic minor scale melody across one and two strings.

guitarmario on 2017-05-17
Stones classic, love the intro.
Jeff Rady on 2017-05-17
Thanks Mario! Check out my other Stones stuff, there is plenty more in the Rock and Roll Section! Not too mention my ill advised edition of The Rolling Stones, "2000 Man" in The Fingerstyle section. Rady Guide's longest and least watched two part video! Ha ha!
jmbarnett on 2018-02-23
hahah longest and least watched. im a fan of the stones older stuff and had never heard it before. excellent work on that, man. thats a labor of love.
Jeff Rady on 2018-02-26
Thanks man, glad you dig it! 2000 Man definitely a labor of love!