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Calamity Song - The Decemberists


Peter Buck is at the helm of the guitar on this song and it shows! All of our right hand rhythm skills start to come together on this tune with chordal riffs and syncopations, cross picking patterns, and tricky melodic arpeggiation. Skills Learned: Chord transitions between G A D Em, cross picking techniques, chordal riffs with syncopation.

guitarmario on 2017-05-17
This song is awesome, your version is so much easier to work with than the original (too fast for me to make heads or tails of). Once you get the hook down, you got it.. Thanks Jeff. BTW, I am just strumming through just the way you do it in the vid... sounds great. M
Jeff Rady on 2017-05-17
Right on Mario! Glad you are getting some value out of this vid!