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Treetop Flyer - Stephen Stills


Still's ode to flying low features a cool tuning, some funky blues licks, travis picking variations, and some quintessential Still's double stop licks. From the album "Carry On"

peggyq on 2021-02-12
Thank you Jeff! You sound just like Steven Stills. ( a good thing) no need to add the solo for me. This will keep me a while. Love this song.
jmarkert on 2021-02-19
Thanks Jeff! Two weeks ago I decided to learn this tune based on a random YouTube suggestion. I was about halfway through when your email showed up; your timing is impeccable (or is it further proof of quantum entanglement?). Now I'll be adding a lot of the details I would have missed, cool... Cheers, John
johnh1rt on 2021-02-22
Great choice Jeff..Bring on the SOLO please..
dhs1964 on 2021-02-22
Thanks Jeff great video- will be working on the solo or at least giving us a sound file of it
Jeff Rady on 2021-02-24
Thanks Peggy! Hi John, that is an odd coincidence! I'll start getting the solo going! Thanks, Jeff
Jeff Rady on 2021-03-29
Thanks everybody! Solo is ready you can access it here: https://jeffsguitarandsteel.com/lessons/song/stephen-stills-treetop-flyer-solo/1607