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Rainy Day Woman - Ralph Mooney


This intro is synonymous with pedal steel! Mooney provides one of his most tell-tale licks using B and C pedal hammer-on's to great effect in the open and closed position. Demonstrated and explained. From the Waylon Jennings album: 16 biggest hits

ajudson on 2016-11-17
Hey Jeff, What if you don't have a C pedal. What's a good way to still get the essence of the song?
Jeff Rady on 2016-11-17
Hi Mr. Judson, That's a good question. It's going to be tough to do without the C pedal, as this whole intro relies on it heavily. But not to worry! You could use the first string instead of the C pedal on string 4. I would look at your tab and anywhere there is a "12 C" on your tab sheet replace it with a 12 on the high string or 1st string also known as the F# string. For all of your C pedal changes on string 5 just use your A pedal instead of your C pedal. Know what I mean? Send me a message via the contact form on the menu bar and I'll send you a transcription that would work with no C pedal if this doesn't make sense. Let me know! Thanks, Jeff Rady
ajudson on 2016-11-17
Sweet. Thanks for the reply, Jeff. The ol' F# gets so little attention. My C pedal broke, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I have an old MSA Sidekick Pro-AM, and it's a big of a finicky little feller, but it's good enough to learn on for now.
Jeff Rady on 2016-11-17
No C pedal! Dang! Well, at least this will be a great opportunity to give the ol F# the loving attention it deserves.