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Pink Houses - John Mellencamp


In Mr. Mellencamp's heartland rock classic we start to combine all of our rhythmic skills with anticipated strum patterns, tricky chord changes within one measure, and sweet hammer on melodies. Skills Learned: Chord transitions between G F C D with a D DU U DU strum pattern and a challenging syncopated intro using G and C. Also some other anticipated strum measures.

folkhero on 2020-09-27
Jeff, great one. Question, when transitioning from the chorus to the intro riff, do we hit the open A on what would otherwise be the last up-strum of the C measure? I think that’s what is going on... any other mellenkamp tunes planned? Good for the “campfire series”. Thanks! Rogers
Jeff Rady on 2020-09-27
Hi Folk hero, that's exactly right, you want to anticipate that open A string as part of the riff right after strumming the last measure of C. I haven't thought about Mellencamp in awhile, would love to do another though. Any suggestions?