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Horse Latitudes - Eric Heywood


A very cool tutorial on Heywood's cool psychedelic licks over a minor vamp, lots of LKR, string 1, and A pedal moves. From the Jeffrey Foucault album: Horse Latitudes

promo714 on 2016-10-29
I'd never heard of Jeffery Foucault before this, but after checking out this lesson I got the album. Holy s**t, so good and Eric Heywood is amazing on so many songs (would love a lesson for the Starlight and Static solo). Anyway I've since bought all of his records and I'm going to see him live tonight. So thanks for the turn on!
Jeff Rady on 2017-02-23
I just put up Starlight and Static in the Greenhorn section just now! Enjoy!
marshamps on 2017-07-20
Gotta Say Jeff, you have not only helped my PSG but introduced some great alt country i was not aware of. Ryan Adams, Ray La Montayne, and now Jeffrey Foucault. Right on bro-ski! Mike