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Skinny Love - Bon Iver


In Bon Iver's breakout indie folk ballad we learn how to use a esoteric open C tuning to create some very nice chord tensions. Skills Learned: Chord transitions between Am C Gadd4/D C6 Cadd2 Gadd4 F/A, open tuning knowledge, varying basic strum patterns, single note melody lines.

monicadayg on 2022-02-25
Well done on a very popular ballad. Not easy to hit those high notes in the haunting melody. Thank you, Jeff for teaching and breaking down a favorite!
Jeff Rady on 2022-03-24
You bet! It's definitely not easy to hit those high notes especially when you can't sing very well! Lol.
monicadayg on 2022-04-17
Your singing is very nice. Presentation even includes a similar look as a homage to Justin Vernon playing on Jools Holland, BBC. Vocal Coach, Beth Roars/YouTube gives a meticulous and positive review of Skinny Love.