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The Jeff's Guitar And Steel Blog

Submitted on Sunday, November 19th, 2017 - 13:08

We've been hard at work on the Rady Guide website!  We will be improving it's functionality as we work to make it more mobile friendly. With the world relying more than ever on mobile phones, we want to make sure to accommodate that trend by making Rady Guide easy to use on any platform. We hope to have all of our updates and mobile friendly programming done by the end of 2017.

New Tutorials:

If I Could Only Fly by Blaze Foley (Finger-Style):
This is a pretty note perfect rendition of Blaze's version of the record, "Sittin' By The Road" Like a lot of Blaze tunes it has a pretty long verse form (16 bars) with a lot of variations and a shorter chorus form. This is one of our first examples on Rady Guide that features a 4 finger Travis Picking Pattern.

Don't Let it Bring You Down by Neil Young (Trailblazer
) - A Neil classic featuring a tuning which double drops the E's to D, and then you tune the entire guitar down a whole step. This creates a super resonant and beautiful tonality. This song shows you some common tricks and chords you can use in this tuning.

How to Phrase 6 Am Pentatonic Licks Video Lesson (Trailblazer): Learning to solo can be difficult especially if you don't know where to start. Scales are well and good but don't actually sound like much if just played sequentially. This lesson helps you develop your solo chops by teaching you how to phrase with 6 different licks. It gives your solo structure and coherent movement that tells a story rather than just spitting out notes in a scale.

Redux Tutorials:

12 Bar Blues in A Video Lesson (Journeyman): I have redone this lesson to give a little more clarity to the form of a 12 bar blues, as well as some watered down theoretical considerations to help you understand how the chords relate to each other. If nothing else, this lesson give you an easy template to solo over using your 6 Am Pentatonic Licks (video lesson).

Am Pentatonic Sliding Scale Video Lesson (Trailblazer): Another redo giving you two different ways to approach this scale with your left hand fingering, and an extension of the scale with "Blues" boxes.

Custom Tabs:

Absolutely need to learn a special song, solo, or riff?

If you need a specific tab or video or both that is not on Rady Guide, you can request a custom order from Jeff. On average a custom tab and video takes about 8 hours to complete and costs about $150 in labor. Depending on it's potential Rady Guide popularity, I might be able to cut you a deal! Email me using the contact form to get a quote!

Finally, my band 5 & Dimers (check us out on facebook) will be playing Gary Lee's Motor Club in Denver at 9PM on Saturday 10/28. Wear a costume don't wear a costume. Try to wear undergarments!



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