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Submitted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 - 13:20

Hello Guitarists!

Here are my early fall guitar jams on Rady Guide!

“I’ll Be Here In The Morning” by Townes Van Zandt (Finger-Style): One of his most popular finger-style tunes from the iconic “Kitchen album” this one features a cool quirky intro, some measures of 2/4 to navigate, and a simple way to employ a G/F# in the chorus.

“Hello In There” by John Prine: (Finger-Style): This track has endured as one of John’s most famous and beautifully written tunes. It features a Gmaj7/D used to create a nice ambient effect. Once you learn the intro, the verse is pretty much the same minus a few embellishments. 

“Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine (Greenhorn): A great tune for learning how to do a country/bluegrass alternate bass strum pattern featured in countless songs across the Americana spectrum.

“6 Am Pentatonic Licks” (Trailblazer Lessons):  A lot of beginning soloists ask me how one starts the path to being able to solo fluently. I believe the best way to start soloing is to learn a few licks and begin to phrase them or place them within a 12 bar blues context. This video gives you 6 easy two measure Am Pentatonic licks you can start using to build your solo repertoire.

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Custom Tabs!

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