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The Jeff's Guitar And Steel Blog

Submitted on Monday, January 22nd, 2018 - 16:12

Hello Steel Players,

Thanks for a wonderful year at Rady Guide! We've made a lot of updates to the site, and you'll start to see them come to fruition in the New Year. This month the site will be mobile friendly. Now you can access Rady Guide on your phone or tablet with more responsive video and more intuitive navigation!

This year has been a milestone for me! I had a beautiful baby daughter, Gloria. This is our first child, and it has been exciting, wonderful, and quite the adventure. As a result, I haven't released as much material as I would like to, but I will be producing more by waking up very, very early and with a larger intake of coffee. :-)

For you steel players here's what's new!

Crazy Arms Instrumental by Ralph Mooney (Trailblazer):

This is one of the most extensive Rady Guide lessons in our 5 year history! The video lesson encompasses the WHOLE SONG!. Not just a lick, not just a solo, but the whole shebang! I like this version the best because it's from the guy who wrote the thing in the first place. Plus, it's got a great Bakersfield vibe that is heavy on unique Mooney-esque open string phrases. This is one of the most famous pedal steel instrumentals of all time. Don't miss this one!

Swinging Doors Intro and Solo (Redux) by Ralph Mooney (Journeyman):

I did this tutorial in the early days of Rady Guide. As I've progressed, the last phrase of the intro kept bothering me. Even though it was the right note, it was a weird way of achieving it and I didn't know any better. Now I do, and this tutorial gives you a clearer way of phrasing the entire intro using behind the bar bends. Plus I included the solo which is also a great study in bending behind the bar.

This One's Going To Hurt Solo by Paul Franklin (Trailblazer):

One of my student's related to me that there is way too much Mooney on my site and not enough 90's country. So I have decided to abide by my 90's fans, with this awesome solo from a classic 90's Marty Stuart song. This has one of the coolest 5 chord licks ever, featuring 3 bars of emotional devastation that wrings every tear out of a 5 chord using the franklin pedal and other tricks. Thanks Brendan O. for the suggestion.

Six "2 Below" Picking Exercises/Sneaky Licks (Trailblazer):

I really like Sneaky Pete Kleinow with his super individual tone and technique. I've spent at least a couple of years trying to boil his technique down to something accessible for an E9 player. It's an endless journey, but these exercises open up a new scale position that combines very nicely with the closed position to offer some more individual "Sneaky-esque" type phrases over a 1 chord vamp. These are great for when you are in a singer-songwriter, country rock, or rock and roll setting.

Custom Tabs:

Do you absolutley need to learn a special song, solo, or riff?

If you need a specific tab or video or both that is not on Rady Guide, you can request a custom order from Jeff. On average a custom tab and video takes about 8 hours to complete and costs about $150 in labor.

Depending on its potential Rady Guide popularity, I might be able to cut you a deal! Email me using the contact form to get a quote!

Finally, I'll be playing a special Swallow Hill show with Patrick Dethlefs on January 20th.