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The Jeff's Guitar And Steel Blog

Submitted on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 - 14:49
Hi Everyone! I wanted to let you know we've got some fantastic new steel tutorials, most importantly the ENTIRE TRANSCRIPTION OF TOGETHER AGAIN by Tom Brumley!. Sorry for all the caps, but I mean that's a big deal! We've also put in some time in upgrading our audio quality. I'm using a new Lavalier mic suggested by a Rady Guide subscriber and doing some light mixing with pro-tools. I think you'll be able to see an improvement in audio quality in this recent batch of videos and as the site continues. Also, not to toot our own horn but Rady Guide now has almost 150 pedal steel videos with tab. New Tutorials: Together Again by Tom Brumley (Trailblazer Backgrounds and Pads) - We cover this entire song in the original key of C#. I play, tab, and breakdown every verse, solo, and tag. I also breakdown the basic scale or pockets for each chord within the song so you can translate these phrases to other keys. Most of these phrases are off of string 3 and 6 using the A and B Pedal with some tricky bar slants to keep it nice and challenging. 3 Weepy 5 Chord Licks Using Bar Slants or LKV (Trailblazer Techniques)- We continue on with the theme of Together Again and show how you can use some of T. Brumley's most weepy ballad - like licks over a simple 5-1 chord progression. I explain how to do these licks both with bar slants or a vertical knee lever. 4 D Lever Pockets (Journeyman Techniques): Using the knee lever that lowers your E strings I show how a D major scale can be broken down into 4 easy licks or phrases to use when padding over a simple chord progression. Truck Drivin Man Solo by Buddy Cage (Trailblazer Solo) : Quite possibly one the fastest solos in the lower 48 states. This is a blazing live version from NRPS's album "The Very Best Of New Riders of The Purple Sage Live" This showcases Buddy's quirky chromatic licks, ingenious phrasing, and cool 2nd string transitional licks. Not to be missed! Some other Pedal Steel subscriptions services charge over $500 for the same amount of videos with not near as in depth tab. Sure I'm no Paul Franklin, but I can still tab and teach with the best of them. At Rady Guide you get a lot of value for your money and we hope to keep it that way! Custom Tabs: If you need a specific tab or video or both that is not on Rady Guide, you can request a custom order from Jeff. On average a custom tab and video take about 8 hours to complete and costs about $150 in labor. Depending on it's potential Rady Guide popularity, I might be able to to cut you a deal! Email me using the contact form to get a quote! Thanks Everyone!